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Saffron extract

Product name: Saffron extract Latin Name: Crocus sativus L Plant source: flower Active Ingredient: Crocetin ;Safranal Specification: 95% Crocetin and 0.2%,0.3%0.34% Safranal Appearance: Brown-yellow powder Test methods: UV; HPLC...
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 Basic product information:
Product name: Saffron extract
Latin Name: Crocus sativus L
Plant source: flower
Active Ingredient:  Crocetin ;Safranal
Specification: 95% Crocetin and 0.2%,0.3%0.34% Safranal
Appearance: Brown-yellow powder
Test methods: UV; HPLC
1.Saffron extract powder used to enhance human immunity;
2.Saffron extract powder with the function of anti-tumor;
3.Saffron extract powder can reduce cholesterol and increase fat metabolism;
4.Saffron extract powder effects on respiration, under the conditions of atmospheric hypoxia enhances intracellular oxygen metabolism;
5.Saffron extract powder used to keep kidney capillaries open, increased renal blood flow and promote inflammatory damage repair.
1.Applied in the food field, it has become a new raw material which used in food and beverage industry;
2. Applied in the health product field;
3. Applied in the pharmaceutical field.
Packaging Detail:
Paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kgs/drum.
 【Shelf life:
Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.