Fruit-vegetable powder

Mulberry fruit powder

Mulberry fruit extract powde, known as mulberry, is a short-lived, fast-growing, small to medium sized mulberry tree, which grows to 10–20 m tall. Mulberry leaf has a substance called 1-deoxynojirimycin that inhibits an enzyme in the intestinal tract (alpha-glucosidase) involved in the digestion of carbohydrates. Anthocyanidins contribute to the red or dark purple color of mulberry fruits. 1-Deoxynojirimycin(DNJ) is a kind of alkaloid present in Mulberry leaves and root bark. DNJ is naturally occurs in in other plants and microbes. We extract the DNJ from leaf of Morus alba L.Research shows that when DNJ entered the body, it can inhibit the decomposition of starch and sugar by sucrase, maltase, α-glucosidase, α-amylase enzyme, thus blocking the body's absorption of sugar, and inhibit the increase of glucose without diet change. In addition, DNJ can inhibit the glucose modification process of HIV membrane glycoprotein. Meanwhile, the accumulation of immature glycoproteins may inhibit the cell fusion and the binding between virus and host cell receptor, and the formation of cell body harmony to inhibit the the replication of MoLV so as to inhibit the viral activity....
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Main product information:
Product name: mulberry fruit powder
Used parts: fresh mulberries
Appearance: loose powder, no cake, no visible impurities.
Color: is inherent in the product color, and uniform
Bouquet: natural mulberry taste
Solubility: 98% or higherMoisture: 6% or less
The total number of colonies: < 1000
Salmonella: no
E. coli: no
Recommend application range :
pharmaceutical health care products, health supplements, infant food, solid beverage, dairy products, instant food, snack food, spice, middle-aged and old food, baking food, leisure food, cold food cold drinks, etc.
Suggest adding quantity :
solid beverage (5%), drinks (5%) and leisure food (3-5%), medicine, food (5-20%)
Save storage :
 in a cool, dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature place.
Packing :
 consultation or with double layer plastic bag inside, coat cardboard barrels, 25 kg/barrel.
Shelf life :
 24 months.