Fruit-vegetable powder

Noni fruit powder

Noni isTropical fruitThe queen, this company produces the noni fruit powder with high quality fruit as raw material, adopts the more advanced spray drying technology.The maximum keep the noni itself plain, contain a variety of vitamins and acid.Powder, good fluidity, taste good, easy to dissolve, easy to save....
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Main product information:
Product name: Noni fruit powder
Product indicators:Outside view: loose powder, no cake, no visible impurities.
Rules: food grade
Gas taste: day pledge beautiful fruit
Water: 5% or less
The total number of colonies: < 1000
Salmonella: no
E. coli: noRecommended application range:
pharmaceutical health care products, health supplements, solid beverage, dairy products, instant food, snack food, spice, middle-aged and old food, baking food, snack food, cold food cold drinks, etc.
suggest to add :
Solid beverage (5%), drinks (5%) and leisure food (3-5%), medicine, food (5-20%)
Save storage :
 in a cool, dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature place.
Packing :
 consultation or with double layer plastic bag inside, coat cardboard barrels, 25 kg/barrel.