Fruit-vegetable powder

Goji berry Juice powder (Wolfberry fruit powder)

Goji Berry powder is made from 100% natural concentrated juice ,after spray drying,milled to powder, the taste and color are very good, 100% water soluble.It’s mainly used for beverage, food and blends. ...
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Main product information】:
Product name: Goji berry Juice powder (Wolfberry fruit powder)
Latin name: Hippophae rhamnoides.L
Raw materials: Fresh fruit juice of Lycium barbarum
Appearance: Loose, evenly divided (60 mesh), good fluidity; reddish brown,
with natural Seabuckthorn aroma and taste, no other smell.
100% water soluble.
【Product features】:
1. Natural, pollution-free; 2. Retain the unique flavor and
taste of Chinese wolfberry; 3. Enriching and stabilizing the nutritional and 
functional components of Chinese wolfberry; 4, Easy storage, transportation
and use.
 Antioxidant and anti-aging, anti radiation
【Scope of application】:
 Nutritious food, functional food, health care food and
beverage,  Cosmetics
【Storage conditions】:
 Storage temperature≦ 25, the relative humidity≦60%
【Shelf life】: 
24 months